What is an SDoC?

An SDoC is a declaration by an appli­ance or fitting supplier that a product or range of products conforms with the relevant joint or international standard cited in Schedule 4 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 20101 or AS/NZS 3820 (generic safety standard), or the Conformity Cooperation Agreement with the People’s Republic of China.

Why are SDoCs important to me?

The electrical safety of fittings has to be certified on a certificate of compliance (CoC) for an installation: This makes electricians liable for fitting safety. Citing SDoCs on a CoC (especially for fittings you are unfamiliar with) shifts the primary liability for the fittings back to the supplier.

Why is there no reference to SDoCs on the CoC and no tick box for attaching them?

They are not mandatory for use with certification but very useful for it. Ask your CoC supplier to modify the form to signify an attachment for SDoCs.

Is an SDoC mandatory for all electrical appliances and fittings?

No, only for declared medium risk articles.

How do I know which products require an SDoC?

Check the list published on the Energy Safety website (www.energysafety.govt.nz) under ‘Appliances and Fittings (2010)’. Click on (old SDoC) in highlighted orange text and the list will appear.

Can a product requiring an SDoC be sold without one?

No, nor can it be offered for sale.

If a supplier offers product through links to an overseas website for which the supplier is the New Zealand agent, does the supplier have to make SDoCs available for those products he is offering for sale?

Yes. Where there is doubt the courts will decide what is or isn’t an offer for sale. However, in Europe, all products are covered by a supplier declaration so it should be reasonably easy for a New Zealand importer to incorporate existing compliance information into an SDoC.

Who has to complete an SDoC?

The supplier of the product (being the New Zealand manufacturer or importer).

Does a supplier have to provide a copy of an SDoC?

Yes, if the product is a declared medium risk article, a supplier commits a grade A offence if an SDoC and test report cannot be provided to a purchaser on request within 10 working days.

Can an SDoC be completed for products not on the list?

Yes, if the supplier wants to.

Does the supplier have to provide a copy?

No, but if they were voluntarily completing an SD0C for an unlisted product they would be doing so to increase confidence in the products safety and would want to have a copy available to you.

Some test reports are as thick as a phonebook. Do I have to download and read them?

No, just satisfy yourself the product is safe to install. The test certificate with the report confirms its compliance.

Do SDoCs made before April 1 have to be redone under the new rules?

No. they remain valid.

Is this a new requirement?

No, but before April 1 suppliers simply had to declare that their products were safe. Now SDoCs have to have a test report that certifies product compliance with a cited standard.

Do wholesalers have to complete SDoCs for declared medium risk articles?

No, only the New Zealand manufacturer or importer has to.

Will ldeal help make SDoCs available?

Yes, we will ensure that all declared medium risk electrical appliances and fittings we sell are covered by readily available SDoCs. We are creating an on-line service for suppliers to make their SDoCs also available via the Ideal website.

Do electrical contractors have to supply SDoCs to customers?

No, but all on-sellers have to be able to provide a copy within 10 working days of being asked to do so by a customer. It is an offence not to.

How do I know that I can rely on these answers?

The Principal Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Economic Development has advised that these answers are not in contravention to the regulations.

Where do I go to read the law on this?

Start with regulation 83 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 on the Energy Safety website.

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I was an AMP Up Plus member. What happened to my existing points balance?

We’ve already converted your existing AMP UP Plus Ideal Dollars to Plugged IN Points without losing a cent of their value, so chances are you’re well on your way to great rewards already.

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Travel Miles expire when?

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