Giving Back To Our Kiwi Communities

A sense of community is important to all of us – and our communities are the heart and soul of New Zealand at large. This year, we are proud to launch the Ideal Foundation – established to support New Zealand communities by giving back 10% of the profit on selected goods in the pursuit of socially responsible activities and environmentally sustainable energy solutions.

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2018 Tussle Of The Trades

The Annual Tussle is the Tradies took place on Saturday the 25th August for the 5th consecutive year. The Plumbing World team were eager to change the result of the last two year and get their name back on the trophy. There were a lot of very good rep players in both squads due to the finish of the season the previous week. There may have been a few ringers on both sides as well this year.

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Rise of the electric vehicle

Better for the environment, cheaper to run, easier to maintain – there’s a lot to like about electric vehicles (EVs), so it’s not hard to see why New Zealand sales are increasing by the day. In fact, the government has projected that we could see over 60,000 EVs on our roads by 2021 – which would require the current number doubling every year.

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