Master Electricains: Who we are & what we do

Who are we?

Master Electricians is a non-profit membership organisation for electrical contractors in New Zealand. With the mission of growing and guiding the electrical industry to success, Master Electricians, formerly known as ECANZ, has been promoting the interests of the electrical industry since 1925. With over 1000 member businesses, we have a powerful voice and are able to make sure that the voices of our members are heard by those who need to hear it.

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Ask Rob: PA Design 101

In this edition of “Ask Rob” we are going to explore some of the key questions we need to answer when beginning the process of designing a PA (Public Address) System. During our last round of Ideal Connected training last year we focused on this area. During the training, we established that with a few simple questions we can choose the correct products suited to our customer requirements.

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Why You Need A Holiday To Queenstown

“I was bored in Queenstown” said no one ever.

The adventure capital of the world, a picturesque paradise, a partygoer’s playground, and a food scene that won’t disappoint. If it’s not already, Queenstown should be at the top of your travel list. Plus, with our Plugged IN rewards programme we’re making it easy to get there.

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Wild-card Wanaka Team Takes Out Australasian Crash Rescue Competition

We love hearing about amazing electricians out there doing awesome things and you can’t get much more awesome than showing our Aussie neighbours how crash rescue is done. Electrician Tony Wellman, of Wellman Electrical, has been working with Ideal for 10 years so when it came time to support him and his team at the Australasian Rescue Challenge this year, it was a no brainer.

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What’s Happening in Your World?

Dave Burt isn’t just a Kiwi electrician with over 36 years of experience. He’s also got an MBA under his belt and he’s the author of the book Lengthening the Shadow which talks about something we should all have more front of mind – mental health.

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