Write Right – Bizline’s innovative new markers

Regardless of how large or small, intricate or simple the job may be, properly marking and identifying electrical cable is essential in ensuring both the safety of all those involved, as well as overall project efficiency. Failing to do so could lead to lost productivity, serious injury, or worse.

Bizline have released an innovative new range of markers to address the specific needs of the electrical industry, with a combination of permanent and semi-permanent pens and pencils.
The Bizline BIZ780428 PICA black marker is designed with a stainless steel telescopic tip, engineered to perfectly access difficult spaces. The Pica ink is capable of marking any surface while remaining permanent, helping you to outline those crucial specifications. The BIZ80428 will remain permanent on conduit, steel, concrete, insulation tape and timber. This Pica marker feels “write” at home (see what I did there) in your pocket, manufactured in Germany to highest standards to perform during the business end of any project.
For semi-permanent marking, the PICA graphite lead pencil is ideal for surfaces which are rough, dusty, humid, oily, dark, etc. Engineered with a telescopic end for easy marking of drill holes and more, the Bizline BIZ790214 is manufactured in Germany to the same high standard as all the latest tools and is even equipped with an integrated pencil sharpener to keep you on point.
Other products in the range include a special cable marker, white / black markers and even a red wax chalk permanent marker which never dries.
When you’re in the electrical game, measure and mark is the best way.
Take up the challenge and give the Bizline PICA range of markers a go. We’ll have you turning “write” at every corner!

RevConnect in under sixty seconds

By now you will all be familiar with the Belden RevConnect tool and the efficincies it can add to your business by speeding up the termination process.

We’ll we’ve decided to put rubber to the road and prove how quick the termination process can be. Chris Brown, area sales manager for Ideal Connected has filmed a RevConnect termination and the results are staggering. By utilising the tool in everyday data installations the Belden RevConnect is not only going to save you time but also money. The method requires minimal training and anyone from a seasoned installer to an apprentice contractor will be able to realise the efficiences provided by the tool.

Watch the video below and see how fast Chris can terminate a jack.