It’s taking Australia by storm, and now Blind Snake™ the world’s fastest installed, totally tool-free plug base is about to hit New Zealand shores under an exclusive arrangement with Ideal Electrical Supplies.

Blind Snake has an average install time of no more than 4-8 seconds, significantly faster than the minute or longer it can take to install other quick connectors on the market. It’s easy to see why the product is creating such a paradigm shift within the industry.

The secret is Blind Snake’s patented FANG™ technology, which is hidden inside the mechanism. When the lid closes on the fire retardant polycarbonate shell, wings inside the device force the copper ‘fangs’ to pierce the outer shell of a TPS cable, intersect the copper strands, and create a solid, robust and insulated connection, all while not damaging or destroying the outer sheath.

This exciting new technology makes the task of installing the plug base ultra fast, and with rigorous testing and the backing of full SAA and Global Mark accreditation, along with being AS and NZS Standards approved, Blind Snake is ultra safe as well.

Scott Bremner, Head of Brand at M-Elec, the innovative Australian company that spent 18 months developing Blind Snake, says the response has been ‘phenomenal’ since it was launched at a Pulse Event in Australia in early September.

“The uptake has been incredible with our entire first shipment selling out within one day and thousands of the product now installed across Australia. We’ve had some great feedback from customers and there is a real buzz on social media. Electricians are saying the old products they used to favour are installed at a snail’s pace compared to Blind Snake.”

Scott says polarity assurance has always been a major part of the product’s design brief so installations meet local compliance guidelines

“In addition to ease and safety of use, polarity has been one of our big considerations as a manufacturer. We have clearly marked the inside of the product to show polarity, and have partnered with a number of leading cable manufacturers, some of whom are starting to develop a trace on cables to make it easier for people to determine.”
Blind Snake works with all 1.5mm and 2.5mm TPS cable with a central earth. In New Zealand, it will work with Electra cable that is currently available from select Ideal branches.

Scott says M-Elec has made a significant investment in Blind Snake, which has included a lengthy research and development phase to ensure they were hitting the market with the best possible product.

“Our approach is to bring fresh thinking to the industry and develop innovative products that solve electricians’ problems and improve the industry in general. Blind Snake ticks all these boxes. It saves sparkies considerable time by making a normally laborious process fast, easy and safe, and is a solid, robust and durable solution.”



Write Right – Bizline’s innovative new markers

Regardless of how large or small, intricate or simple the job may be, properly marking and identifying electrical cable is essential in ensuring both the safety of all those involved, as well as overall project efficiency. Failing to do so could lead to lost productivity, serious injury, or worse.

Bizline have released an innovative new range of markers to address the specific needs of the electrical industry, with a combination of permanent and semi-permanent pens and pencils.
The Bizline BIZ780428 PICA black marker is designed with a stainless steel telescopic tip, engineered to perfectly access difficult spaces. The Pica ink is capable of marking any surface while remaining permanent, helping you to outline those crucial specifications. The BIZ80428 will remain permanent on conduit, steel, concrete, insulation tape and timber. This Pica marker feels “write” at home (see what I did there) in your pocket, manufactured in Germany to highest standards to perform during the business end of any project.
For semi-permanent marking, the PICA graphite lead pencil is ideal for surfaces which are rough, dusty, humid, oily, dark, etc. Engineered with a telescopic end for easy marking of drill holes and more, the Bizline BIZ790214 is manufactured in Germany to the same high standard as all the latest tools and is even equipped with an integrated pencil sharpener to keep you on point.
Other products in the range include a special cable marker, white / black markers and even a red wax chalk permanent marker which never dries.
When you’re in the electrical game, measure and mark is the best way.
Take up the challenge and give the Bizline PICA range of markers a go. We’ll have you turning “write” at every corner!