Perfect Perth: Aussie’s Hidden Paradise

It’s the most isolated city in the world; surrounded by nature. So if you love the great outdoors, Perth is a destination you’ll want on your bucket list. Perth’s tropical landscapes and warm, welcoming climate will leave you wondering why you’ve only ever ventured to the east coast before. This August, the Plugged IN Travel Club are heading to Perth for the Bledisloe Cup. Will you be joining us?

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Staying (Flu) Fighting Fit This Winter

It’s always the same every year; the weather starts to turn and then come the nose sniffing and chesty coughs. Before you know it, everyone you work with is sick and you’re left wondering if you’re next. Well, you don’t have to be. Nobody likes getting sick, so instead, take one for the team and prepare yourself and those around you to fight off the winter ills and chills this year.

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Ask Rob: The Age of Ultra HD

Ultra HD/4K televisions have been sold since 2012. However, it took a full six years before the first UHD Blu-Ray player hit the market. In the meantime, streaming boxes such as Roku and Amazon Firestick came out with 4K devices allowing for streamed 4K content, which was most often found on Netflix and YouTube.

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Master Electricains: Who we are & what we do

Who are we?

Master Electricians is a non-profit membership organisation for electrical contractors in New Zealand. With the mission of growing and guiding the electrical industry to success, Master Electricians, formerly known as ECANZ, has been promoting the interests of the electrical industry since 1925. With over 1000 member businesses, we have a powerful voice and are able to make sure that the voices of our members are heard by those who need to hear it.

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