2018 Tussle Of The Trades

Tussle is the Tradies banner

The Annual Tussle is the Tradies took place on Saturday the 25th August for the 5th consecutive year. The Plumbing World team were eager to change the result of the last two year and get their name back on the trophy. There were a lot of very good rep players in both squads due to the finish of the season the previous week. There may have been a few ringers on both sides as well this year.

The turn out was once again very good with large numbers of spectators and families lining the ground. The BBQ ran around the clock (Thanks Plumbing World ) and the coffee cart and Ice cream vans were pushed hard too. I’m sure a lot of parents weren’t happy with their sugar-laden kids at the completion of the game.

The game as always was played with plenty of gusto. The tackles were hard and the pace fast but as always, the spirit of sportsmanship and fairness was awesome. It was very close with both teams very evenly matched in the first half and the scoreline quite tight at 14-12 to the Sparkies.

The second half got quite fierce as the result balanced on a knife-edge. The Plumbers stepped up and looked to take charge and held the lead for the whole second half. The Ambulance was called into action with one of the Sparkies walked off with a broken nose. Things were getting intense.

Tussle is the Tradies 1 Tussle is the Tradies 2 Tussle is the Tradies 3

The sparkies got the game back on a level peg with 5 minutes to go to bring the scoreline to 31-31 with a try very much against the run of play. Once again it was going down to the wire. The plumbers continued to pile on the pressure ( excuse the pun ) and took the choice to kick for a penalty with 2 minutes to go and missed. The ball was kicked back downfield and once again the Plumbers forged back towards the electrician’s try line and looked to be certain to score out wide when the halfback for the Sparkies intercepted the pass to the wing and ran the field to score a try and seal the win for the Ideal Electrical Sparkies. Final score 36-31.

We all retired back to the clubroom for some refreshments and the presentation of prizes and the shield. A huge thanks to our 3 main KiSS sponsors, Marley, SIMX, and Milwaukee. Without the ongoing support, this would not take place. Chris Walker from SIMX was up with his family from Palmerston North to support the game as well. Thanks to Ryan Malcolm for his efforts in helping organise the event as well.

2019 will be hotly contested again and the Ideal team will be graced with Ideal stars Regan Dixon and Kodi Hepi from Christchurch as well.