A Conduit To Higher Quality


With the new updates to our industry standards, it’s not just on-the-site work that’s affected – in fact, new electrical manufacturing standards are likely to have a big impact on manufacturers and sparkies alike.


James Buchanan, Sales Manager for Electrical at Marley, explains: “The current standards are very prescriptive – they tell you step by step what you must do. What we’re seeing now is a shift towards more performance-based standards, to bring us in line with international standards. This gives manufacturers way more creativity and freedom to adjust our process and designs to achieve heavy duty performance.” The types of performance standards include minimum levels for impact and compression performance. That’s great news for the end user, as it means that conduits underground should be able to far better withstand the impacts on them, lasting longer and costing less.


However, there’s room for standards to improve even more, with features like long-term UV protection for above-ground products and wider temperature ranges still not mandatory (although James says anyone prioritising best practice should be including those anyway). James says that it’s all about creating products according to best practice. “New Zealand and Australian manufacturing standards are finally starting to catch up with international best practice. “Marley has for many years operated under a similar environment in the plumbing part of our business. Performance characteristics have been the key driver all along, so having electrical do the same is well within our understanding and capability.”