Bizline at home in New Zealand

When Bizline Sales Manager Noëmie Presse arrived in New Zealand she felt at home right way, even though she didn’t speak a word of English.


A French citizen, Noëmie moved down under three years ago on a mission to bring Bizline, Europe’s leading range of tools and commodity electrical supplies, to Kiwi sparkies.


In that time, as well as learning the language, she’s been instrumental in boosting Bizline’s popularity in this country.


She’s put in huge miles, visited Ideal branches up and down the country – from Whangarei to Invercargill –  and shown electricians from the Far North to the Deep South how Bizline can benefit their businesses.


“I’ve seen a major evolution in the appreciation for Bizline in this country. It’s immensely popular in Europe and is in fact a preferred choice for many electricians, but the brand was new for the New Zealand market. Now, there’s definitely a growing recognition in New Zealand for Bizline as a manufacturer of high end tools and commodities,” Noëmie said.


All Bizline products are laboratory tested and certified in France before they are launched in New Zealand. The company has its own COFRAC (French Comity of accreditation)-accredited lab which adheres to stringent European quality rules.


The Bizline lab also runs trials against international standards to ensure products sold outside Europe comply with the needs of local countries.  In New Zealand all locally available Bizline products conform to IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand) standards.


Additional to that, Bizline products in New Zealand are specifically chosen for the local market and trialled with Kiwi tradesmen before they go on sale.


“We need to be sure that any Bizline products offered in New Zealand suit the needs of our loyal customer base. I am in close contact with all 47 Ideal branches to ensure the products we’re putting in our stores are what our customers need.”


Most Bizline tools are made in Germany and are guaranteed for the lifetime of the electrician – not the lifetime of the product, as is the case with most competitor products.


This is a very attractive proposition for Kiwi apprentices, said Noëmie.


“Ideal offers apprentice kits containing a great range of equipment to help young apprentices into their trade. Electricians starting out can buy a set of tools which are guaranteed to last them for their entire sparky career.”


If something goes wrong with a German-made Bizline tool, Ideal will replace it – immediately and forever.


“Buying an apprentice kit is a one off thing. That is a leading competitive advantage that we can hang our hat on,” said Noëmie.


Bizline tools are no more expensive than the locally accepted brands, even though they’re manufactured in Europe, under tough quality controls and backed by Ideal’s ‘Sparky-Life’ guarantee.



Bizline is the house brand of Ideal’s parent company Rexel. With worldwide operations, Rexel achieves supply chain efficiencies that make Bizline products more affordable than lesser quality offerings from countries with lower labour costs.


“Ideal is definitely embracing Bizline products not only for of their superior quality, it just makes better business sense,” Noëmie said.


Although a French citizen Noëmie was born and raised in French Guyana, South America. Following high school, she studied international business at university in France and achieved her MBA in Switzerland.


After graduating from university, Noëmie took a year off to travel the world. She arrived in New Zealand as her first stop and hasn’t left since.


“As soon as I arrived in New Zealand I fell I love with the country. It’s amazing. The scenery is great and I love that it’s possible to ski and surf in the same day.”


On arrival she worked for six months at the French Chamber of Commerce in Auckland, helping New Zealand companies do business in France and French companies do business in New Zealand. After that she backpacked around the country before returning to France.


Back home in France, Noëmie was keen to return to New Zealand asap and was chuffed to land a job as a Business Development Manager for Bizline in this country.


“It was challenging to come and promote the benefits of Bizline here, especially when my English wasn’t great. But it’s been very, very satisfying to see the enthusiasm for these products grow,” she said.


“I am proud to work for Ideal. I have been made to feel very welcome and really enjoy spending time with my colleagues and our loyal customers all over the country,” said Noëmie.


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