Driving the future forward

The future is here – well, it’s at least coming – and with it, comes an increase in the use of electric vehicles. In forward-thinking countries such as Norway and the Netherlands, the humble diesel engine is already starting to be phased out, with plans to be rid of vehicles of this nature by 2025. It sounds miles off, but that’s within a decade!

Already these countries are beginning to put in place the sort of infrastructure needed to support this predicted boom. In fact, the EU is considering a directive that will see every new or refurbished home in Europe needing to be equipped with an electric vehicle charging point by 2019. Not only extending the driving range and convenience of electric cars, the increase in charging stations is also intended to allow vehicles to feed their electricity back to the grid, enabling cars to supply energy to Europe’s power network.


The Netherlands and Norway aren’t the only ones considering these sorts of moves either. The Quebec government are also considering plans to make installation of a 240 volt electric vehicle charging station mandatory in all newly built homes, as well as offering a rebate for the purchase and installation of a charging unit to those who have already purchased an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid.


California, too, has been acting with similar foresight and laying the groundwork for charging infrastructure. Beginning back in 2015, the California Building Code required all new construction to be wired for electric car charging stations. While this doesn’t mandate their installation, the new construction rules will make it easier long-term than trying to retrofit structures with the necessary wiring to support these units down the track.


All of this could have interesting implications for New Zealand… When it comes to trends and leading the way with new technologies, we may be down the bottom of the world, but our innovative spirit means that we don’t tend to be ‘backwards’.


In thinking about where the market is going, Kiwis now have a unique opportunity to get ahead of this trend. If you have any customers who fit the profile of ‘early adopters’, talk them through the considerations surrounding the installation of an electric charging station, or at least the wiring to eventually support one, at their place. The experts at Ideal Electrical can help you get up to speed on the ins and outs of this technology too, so come and talk to one of the team today.