Ideal Electrical Suppliers has been a wholesaler to the Electrical Industry in
NZ for nearly 20 years, for many of those years a large portion of our sales were industrial related products and servicing.

But over time, the focus on the industrial sector of our industry fell away. We are Now bringing an Industrial focus back into the company, re-establishing and focusing on partnerships with Industrial customers and supply partners.

Ideal Electrical are getting back to their roots. Our new Industrial team is set to bring value to industrial Customers across the country. The company has invested in a new Industrial team having recently employed five dedicated business development managers all with proven industry experience. These BDM’s are tasked to solely support the new industrial focus each taking responsibility for one of five regional areas across the country.

The BDM’s and I are in constant daily contact and work as very effective team calling on our considerable collective Industrial experience to give product, application and service advice at the highest level.

Initially, 27 of Ideal’s 48 branches will stock a wider range of industrial products, however, in time the plan is to gradually roll out the expanded industrial product range and supporting services across all Branch’s.

To support this initiative Ideal is partnering with key Industrial suppliers (KIND) to provide a selection of products that will be second to none.

The KIND partnerships will allow us to provide a good range of industrial products and in time industry related support services including:

  • Product Training and selection advice
  • Power Factor, Harmonic, machine safety and compliance audits
  • Project Product Management
  • New product awareness
  • Enhanced specification advice
  • Technical Liaison with KIND suppliers

While others may be moving away from stocking more products, as a company we are going in the other direction – investing in products, staff, and training.