The Industrial branches get a signature to match

Step inside the industrial zone at any one of the selected branches and you will know you have landed with a product offering to compliment your needs.

Clint Brown and the team at Ideal North Shore were the first Ideal Branch to have the new Ideal Industrial signature put in place. Every one of the twenty six Industrial branches will be easily recognisable with unique livery branding on site.

The focus was to create a space inside every Industrial branch which identified a zone with common Industrial product in one area. Although a challenge with every branch having a slightly different foot print, it will be easy for client partners to locate product in the Industrial space. Four Industrial segments of the New Zealand economy have been selected as the base of the Industrial signature. These include Timber, Dairy, Irrigation and Industry Process which will be evident as you move around inside an Industrial branch. This doesn’t mean the Industrial team have resources limited to these sectors – available is a wide product depth to match any Industrial application.

Key elements of the livery will be easily recognisable with an industrial signature on the exterior of the branch and wayfinding signage inside to identify your desired direction. Shelves will be wrapped and dressed to set it apart from other general product shelving. Floor mats and display stands will directed and allow featured products such as VSDs and motors to be highlighted.