Master Electricains: Who we are & what we do

Who are we?

Master Electricians is a non-profit membership organisation for electrical contractors in New Zealand. With the mission of growing and guiding the electrical industry to success, Master Electricians, formerly known as ECANZ, has been promoting the interests of the electrical industry since 1925. With over 1000 member businesses, we have a powerful voice and are able to make sure that the voices of our members are heard by those who need to hear it.

What do we do?

The nature of business in the electrical industry is a complex and unique one. There are many variables that can, if not managed well, put an end to a business. As an organisation, we set ourselves the goal of making sure our member businesses succeed. We do this by providing robust support in a wide range of areas or connecting our members with specialist resources where we cannot help directly. Master Electricians have formed multiple
partnerships to benefit our members in areas such as, HR, Health and Safety, Insurance, Group Buying Schemes, Fuel Schemes, Business Mentoring and more. Our day-to-day activities consist of managing the above services and liaising with government, regulatory bodies and public to advocate for necessary change and to keep our membership informed.

‘What’s in it for me?’

• Business support
• Health and safety support
• HR support
• 24/7 Technical Support
• Industry advocation
• Investigation/disciplinary support services – EWRB, Worksafe
• 20k workmanship guarantee
• Leading brand representation
• Industry networking & events
• Business Mentoring
• Access to the ME Hub App – Electronic job certification
Range of discounts and savings unique to Master Electricians Members

As a member of Master Electricians, you get access to a suite of benefits specifically developed to help electrical contractors. You will be given access to our member website where a directory of these benefits is available to you. You will also get access to our support staff at our National Office based in Wellington and our 10 branches located around the country. In addition, the Master Electricians brand is well known by consumers as a leading industry endorsement among electrical contractors as a result of our $20,000 workmanship guarantee and Quality Assurance Program; customers of a Master Electricians member can be sure that their contractor has been quality tested and meets our high standard of membership.

Quality Assurance Program

Master Electricians members are required to complete our Quality Assurance Program, to qualify for a full membership status. Having a full membership status means that your business meets a standard of compliance and service relevant to the membership guidelines. Once this status is reached, this lets our customer base know that your business is
supported by the $20,000 guarantee and is a quality provider.

Networking & Events

A valuable part of being a Master Electricians member is the networking opportunities locally and nationally. We host a range of nation-wide member and public events, such as:
• National Conference
• Excellence Awards
• Master Electricians Apprentice of the year Challenge
• Master Electricians Roadshows

These events give you and your staff the chance to connect with like-minded people and develop beneficial relationships with other business owners. The opportunity to speak to someone who has been through the troubles you are going through could solve your problems. The Master Electricians community is full of experienced business owners who are more than happy to help out another member.

‘Why should I join?’

If you’re not convinced by now, the deciding factor could be down to the dollars and cents. Master Electricians membership fees are tax deductible! Not to mention the list of suppliers our members receive substantial discounts from. Just using these benefits alone, outweighs the cost of membership fees. If you would like more information or would like to talk to one of our regional managers about the benefits of being a Master Electricians Member, please visit our website
or call us on 0800 50 66 88.