Rise of the electric vehicle

Better for the environment, cheaper to run, easier to maintain – there’s a lot to like about electric vehicles (EVs), so it’s not hard to see why New Zealand sales are increasing by the day. In fact, the government has projected that we could see over 60,000 EVs on our roads by 2021 – which would require the current number doubling every year.

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Getting a Space Singing: Lighting for Singer’s New Office

When it comes to unique spaces, you don’t normally think of commercial offices. But when Singer Group (or Singer Electrical, as you may know them) moved to a different level on their building, they wanted to create just that. Having worked with them closely on a lot of commercial and industrial projects, we were excited to dig our teeth into the project and make the most of the unconventional space. Read full article »

Ban The Bag

From September Ideal Electrical will be the first electrical wholesaler to ban plastic bags. We will be replacing plastic bags for paper ones in an effort to improve the environment, also available will be a reusable cloth bag you can purchase. We appreciate your support in our efforts to improve the environment we live in and our children will inherit.  Read full article »