Perfect Perth: Aussie’s Hidden Paradise

It’s the most isolated city in the world; surrounded by nature. So if you love the great outdoors, Perth is a destination you’ll want on your bucket list. Perth’s tropical landscapes and warm, welcoming climate will leave you wondering why you’ve only ever ventured to the east coast before. This August, the Plugged IN Travel Club are heading to Perth for the Bledisloe Cup. Will you be joining us?

Where to start? The beach, of course

If you came for the sun and the sand, then your first stop should be City Beach.

It’s all in the name – City Beach is a beautiful beachside suburb that boasts white sand, crystal blue waters, and a picture perfect sunset. With several delicious beachfront restaurants and cafés to choose from, you can perch up at City Beach all day long and get your dose of vitamin D.

What next? History and the art hub of Perth


Take a short drive out to the port side city of Fremantle to soak up some good coffee, street art, and delicious roadside food. As an artistic and alternative hub, you’ll find an eclectic choice of boutiques to shop all things fashion, art, or even just gifts and souvenirs. You can get your art fix by checking out the local galleries, street art, and murals. Or for the history lovers there are options for museums, historic tram rides, and various tours.

Time to explore the city itself

Kings Park

Kings Park is an inner city haven. Bigger than New York City’s Central Park, it’s a spacious home to native plants and wildflowers, Aboriginal bush secrets, a 750 year old tree, and some stunning views of the city as well.

After your breath of fresh air, head to the Swan Bell Tower to see a piece of history dating back to before the 14th Century. The Bell Tower is one of the world’s largest musical instruments, housing historically significant bells from the parish church of Buckingham Palace.

After you’ve ‘heard the bells’, so to speak, continue your history tour at the Perth Mint. Having opened in 1899 after rich deposits of gold were found in nearby areas, the Mint houses some of the best quality gold in the world and produces premium gold, silver, and platinum products for markets across the globe.

Rest up; put your feet up on a river cruise

One way to see Perth in all its glory is to take a cruise down Swan River. Carving its way through the city before it reaches the sea, it’s the perfect vantage point to take in the stunning views of the bustling metropolis while you relax with a drink in hand. When your cruise comes to an end make sure you enjoy Perth’s diverse culinary food and bar scene. From rooftop bars to small bars tucked down laneways, you don’t have to go far to find a good drop to wind down from your day.

Leave the city for some island time

Quokka on Rottnest Island

A short 19km from Fremantle is Western Australia’s very own island paradise. Imagine some of the finest beaches in the world paired with an array of interesting wildlife, all while basking in a Mediterranean-style climate and you won’t be far off the reality of Rottnest Island. Home to quokkas (think kangaroos but smaller – known as the happiest animals in the world!) you might spot a baby joey peeking out from its mum’s pouch or taking its first jumps learning to hop! For serial sunbathers and avid adventurers alike, Rottnest is a must-do for all.

Booked your flights yet?

If you’ve only just gotten a taste for Western Australia and want to see more, you can road trip along the coast, into the outback, or to one of many amazing national parks that aren’t too far away. The PluggedIN Travel Club is heading to Perth this August for the Bledisloe Cup, so to soak up all the wonders Perth has to offer, don’t miss out on joining us for an adventure of a lifetime.