Plugged IN

Plugged In

Plugged IN is our commitment to focusing on you and your business. The more business you do with us, the more you will enjoy the fruits that we have to offer. Click here to sign up.

How it works

Plugged IN Points

Purchase your electrical supplies from Ideal and earn Plugged IN points. With Plugged IN there are thousands of rewards from power tools, food, drinks as well as sports and fishing gear.

Status Points

Status points will be earned by all members, the higher your status the more points you will earn. Members will be advised when close to a new tier, how many Status Points they need with regular updates.

Travel Club

Our exclusive Club where you get to experience a world of travel. In addition to earning points, Travel Miles will be earned by all Silver, Gold and Platinum members. Travel Miles will have no redeemable value other than for an Ideal Hosted Travel Club event and have a three-year expiry.

For more information see our FAQ’s page or call us at 0800 437 392.