Plugged IN

Welcome to Plugged IN

Plugged IN is our loyalty program for all our customers that encompasses the way we will be doing business in the future. In short, you will be recognised and rewarded as a valued customer of Ideal Electrical.

Plugged IN Login

Plugged IN is our commitment to focusing on you and your business. Based on your spend with us, you will be assigned a tier. Bronze to Platinum. As the names suggest, each of these tiers has a different level of reward that can be earned. This means earning at different rates and enjoying different levels of privileges. The more business you do with us, the more you will enjoy the fruits that Plugged IN has to offer. Being a Plugged In member allows you to take full advantage of all marketing activity. The Livewire and other value added opportunities will be hinged around this exciting new loyalty programme.

Instore you’ll find a difference as well!

Talk to the Ideal crew about all the exciting opportunities in the new Plugged IN Programme. There’s a Plugged In station complete with free Wi-Fi and internet access via a chrome book to allow our staff to help you log into the programme and explain the benefits. If you’re a new customer, ask how it works. If you want to know anything about Plugged IN then there’s a Branch Champion who can tell you everything you need to know about it. Just ask for them instore.

Plugged IN Points!

Purchase your electrical supplies from Ideal and earn Plugged IN points (conditions apply). With Plugged IN there are thousands of reward choices ranging from electronics, power tools, food, drinks as well as sports and fishing gear. Plugged IN points have a two year expiry which means more time for you to earn and claim the rewards you want.

Introducing Status Points

Status points will be earned by all program members regardless of tier. They are simply a mechanism to allow you to move between tiers for greater or lesser benefits. Tier reviews occur on the annual date of your signing into Plugged IN and/or from the date you have moved a tier.

Members will be advised when close to a new tier, how many Status Points they need with regular updates.

Travel Club

Our exclusive Club where you get to experience a world of travel.

In addition to earning Plugged IN points, Travel Miles will be earned by all Silver, Gold and Platinum members. Travel Miles will have no redeemable value other than for an Ideal Hosted Travel Club event and have a three year expiry.


Will my Plugged IN Points expire?
All good things come to an end, eventually. You’ll have two whole years to redeem your Plugged IN Points for rewards.

Have I lost any value when Ideal Dollars were converted to Plugged IN Points?

I was an AMP Up Plus member. What happened to my existing points balance?
We’ve already converted your existing AMP UP Plus Ideal Dollars to Plugged IN Points without losing a cent of their value, so chances are you’re well on your way to great rewards already.

How can I check my Plugged IN points balance?

You can log in to your Plugged IN account at any time to check your up-to-date balance.

What if I forget my login details?

Go to the Plugged IN login page and when you enter your user name you’ll see a ‘Forgotten your password’ link. That’s the one you want to click on to reset your password.

See your local Ideal branch for more information or call us 0800 733 385.