Lighting picLighting products and design solutions are a key focus of Ideal Electrical. Whatever your lighting requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Rexel Lighting, our Solutions provider, offers qualified specialists with design and product solutions for your project. With emerging luminaire technology and energy efficiencies, Rexel Lighting, and their first class industry partners, provide a range of products for your Residential, Commercial or Industrial projects.


Ideal offers commercial property owners innovative solutions for the workplace. We understand the key requirements for lighting up your space, such as low luminance contrasts around workstations and energy cost reduction to name a few.

To meet your commercial lighting requirements, we offer a wide range of quality LED fixtures, downlights and lighting products for offices, retail shops, schools and public buildings, where recessed troffers or surface mounted fixtures are required.


Domestic lighting has become more meaningful and significant with the additional leisure time created by daylight savings. The use of LED downlights has increased with the growing awareness of energy-saving opportunities.

Ideal offers a wide range of lighting solutions which can be applied to meet a variety of demands to provide a pleasant environment for your home.


Ideal provides both energy and illumination efficiency with its industrial lighting products. Many industrial facilities are faced with the unique challenge of providing sufficient illumination on work surfaces from luminaires with varying mounting heights and environments. The air may be affected by dust, moisture, oil vapour, and fumes, all of which may impair the optical performance of the lighting system.

To meet these industrial lighting demands, Ideal offers a wide range of quality low bay, high bay fixtures and accessory options to meet all your industrial lighting needs.

Low Bay Lighting

Low bay lighting applications, typically 3.5m to 6m mounting heights, require fixtures that provide adequate illumination using a wide lighting distribution with low visual brightness.

High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting applications are typically 6m to 20m mounting heights;  require fixtures suitable for a wide range of lamp types and wattages, with variable beam distribution, for warehouses and heavy industrial plants and factories.


Outdoor Lighting

When you light up your property and building with attractive outdoor lighting solutions from Ideal, you create a feeling of security, ambiance, and a warm invitation to customers and employees to come on in.

We offer a wide range of quality lighting products of unique shapes and styles using the latest lamp technologies that meet most outdoor lighting requirements.

Amenity Fixtures 

Amenity fixtures are used in many outdoor task lighting applications, including building entrances, stairs, and pathways, providing good quality functional lighting with aesthetic appeal.

Architectural Post Top Fittings 

Architectural post top fittings come in many modern shapes and styles, designed to complement the appearance of surrounding areas, including pedestrian plazas, parklands and general area lighting,

Flood Lighting

Floodlighting provides security and safety for your work yard or building, sports fields, parking areas and the like. Ideal offers a wide range of quality flood lighting products that will meet your indoor and outdoor lighting requirements.

Architectural Flood 

Architectural flood applications cover both modern and historic buildings, creating special challenges for the designer, such as fixture location, colour rendering and illumination levels. Compact aesthetically pleasing fixtures, offering a range of light sources and beam distributions provide a successful solution.

Sports Flood Lighting 

Sports flood lighting provides the community with the opportunity to extend sporting activities and leisure time throughout the year. The use of design expertise, the right fixture technology means that many sporting venues such as tennis courts and major football stadiums can be successfully lit to required standards.

Commercial Flood Lighting 

Commercial flood lighting covers a broad range of applications, including car parks, container terminals, storage areas, airport facilities and more. Ideal provides low maintenance robust fixtures and efficient long life light sources which are essential to good commercial floodlighting design.


Ideal offers a wide range of quality road lighting products to suit all roadway and tunnel lighting applications utilising the latest technologies.

Major Road Lighting 

Major road lighting includes freeways, highways and major traffic routes in cities and large towns, where illumination levels are needed for the volume of vehicles.

Residential Road Lighting 

Residential road lighting fixtures are the ideal solution for illuminating local suburban streets in housing and industrial areas, where light traffic and pedestrian activity is present.

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