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With an ever changing environment on the communication and technology front, Ideal Electrical can support you with the IDEAL CONNECTED team. A nationwide coverage of specialists provide products and solutions in the Data, Telco and Technology field.  Our experienced staff working with key Industry Partners will have a solution or product that works for you.
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Ideal prides itself on being your local one-stop shop supported by two central distribution centres with international devanning capabilities. With a range of products to support all project needs –  residential, commercial and Industrial.
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Ideal was founded with a focus on the Industrial sector and prides itself on core ranging products to maintain productivity. Our experienced staff and key product brands can provide you on going technical support.
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Rexel Lighting is the lighting solution of Ideal Electrical and a key focus of our business. Our team of qualified specialists can provide product solutions and designs whatever your project. Rexel Lighting along with key industry partners, has a range of products for your Residential, Commercial or Industrial  needs. See more of what we can do for you at Rexel Lighting.
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