Working Together

Why work for Ideal?

By joining Ideal Electrical Suppliers (part of the Rexel Group), you are also working for a globally recognised and successful company. This means you will have fantastic career opportunities both within New Zealand and across the globe.

We really believe that our people are our ‘magic ingredient’. Without the unique talent of each and every one of our people, we would simply not be a success! That’s why we only hire the right people for our business.

You will be working in a friendly, welcoming and supportive work environment where your team becomes your ‘second family’. We provide our employees with the opportunity to develop and encourage internal promotion throughout the business.

You will be rewarded with fantastic benefits, as well as having your achievements recognised. We take great pleasure in celebrating and sharing our employee’s achievements and show our appreciation to those employees who have committed several years to the business.

Women At Rexel

Our People


Additional company sick days

Additional company sick days

We place a high value on our employee’s health and wellbeing and after six months continuous employment with Ideal Electrical, we offer an additional five days sick leave per annum, giving a total of ten days sick leave per annum(full-time employees only).

Subsidised holiday homess

Subsidised holiday homes

Our employees have the opportunity to join Marram and make use of their excellent benefits. This includes extremely affordable holiday homes to rent across NZ, in addition to reimbursement of healthcare expenses. We partially subsidise our employee’s Marram membership (full-time employees only).

Medical insurance benefits

Medical insurance

In support of our commitment to our employee’s health and wellbeing, we offer fully subsidised health insurance with a leading New Zealand health insurance provider after just three months of continuous service (full-time employees only). This covers our employee and their family.

Employee Assistance Programme

Employee Assistance Programme

We offer an external, independent advisory service to help our employees with any personal or work issues that arise that may impact their ability to do their job, or affect their personal wellbeing. This is a professional and confidential service with 24/7 support

Our Values

Deliver the best customer experience

  • We anticipate market changes and take initiative to seize opportunities
  • We draw inspiration from our customer by understanding their requirements
  • We always look for creative paths to help customers to create more value

Join forces for success

  • We team up with all stakeholders for mutually rewarding partnerships
  • We constantly promote teamwork beyond boundaries and disciplines
  • We recognize the value of diversity and variety of expertise and experience

Encourage to innovate

  • We think out of the box and adopt a positive attitude towards change
  • We learn from achievements and setbacks in order to constantly improve
  • We develop new business models and inventive ways to increase value creation

Engage people to develop their talents

  • We respect our colleagues and treat them in a fair and constructive way
  • We strive to lead by example and implement best practices
  • We coach for success and empower our teams

Trust each other

  • We hold each other accountable for promises and responsibilities
  • We count on our people to live up to the demanding standards in business ethics
  • We communicate openly and honestly

Enjoy making a difference

  • We continuously look for ways to recognize and celebrate excellent performance
  • We love to instil passion and pride and inspire our teams
  • We act as champions and ambassadors to make Ideal Electrical Suppliers the partner of choice